How to Choose the Tweezers You Need

Who knew there were so many types of tweezers? Everyone you talk to seems to have a favorite, though basically, any well-made tweezer will do what it's supposed to do for you to a point.
Nonetheless, there are actually so many types of tweezers that, when you include variations in tips, size, material, and finish, choosing what you need seems fairly tricky. But, not to worry, I am here to walk you through this.

To judge the size tweezer you really need, you'll want to consider not only the size of your hand, but also the technique you use when you're tweezing. While it's true that a petite tweezer may be more comfortable for you if your hands are small, if you like to hold your tweezer with your fingers grasping farther back from the tip, you might actually find the longer tweezer more comfortable.
If you like to work with your fingers really close up to the tip, you might prefer the smaller tweezer, regardless of your hand size. Finally, if you have a bit of trouble gripping things, look for tweezers with a wide handle.