Scissors Education / Technical Specifications

Beveled Edge Blade: This is old and classic style blade type. Classic blade design where the cutting edge has a straight, flat face. Although bevel edged shears require the comparatively more force to cut, it can cut very well, and is designed for blunt cuts and point cuts. These types of shears normally used by experienced barbers and hair stylists.

Convex Edge Blade: With the time and latest technology we have a new blade type. This is technologically advanced design that offers smooth, razor sharp edges or cobalt click hair shears. The convex edge (often referred to as "Japanese Style" blades) utilizes the same design engineering as surgical knives, where unlike the beveled edge which has a flat face, the convex edge has an even curve from the rear of the blade toward the edge, forming a very fine angle along the blade's edge. This design allows barber/hair stylist to do slide cuts, slice cuts, chipping etc. Blunt cuts and point cuts require less force than the beveled edge, and leaves a softer, smoother cut face; however, the convex edge will not last as long as the beveled edge when performing blunt work.

Sword Blade: Incorporating the shape of the European swords, the sword blade design has a triangular cross section. Unlike the thick rear of the convex edge's blade, the thin rear of the sword blade does not push the hair away from the cut point, thus making them the best blade designed for advanced texture cutting, deep chipping and long slice cuts and slide cuts. In general, the sword blade outperforms convex edges, even if they are both made of the same material.

Thinners and Texturizes Blade: These scissors have a distinctive blade where, in general, one blade is normal (usually a convex edged blade), but the other blade resembles a comb (sometimes both blades resembles a comb), where it has slits that run perpendicular along the edge of the blade, forming 'teeth' (these teeth vary scissor to scissor like 27teeth,32teeth,39teeth etc.). Thinning blade are designed for modern cutting and hair design. The teeth are usually bevel edged, the perfect spacing and deep teeth of thinners and texurizes enables the user to remove bulks of hair without reducing the overall hair length. The amount of hair removed and the overall effects will vary significantly with its design, such as the number of teeth, the edge design of the teeth, the width between each tooth and the width of each tooth.

Coloring and Finish

Titanium / Multicolor Coating: Titanium coated Hair Styling Scissors / Razor Edge Shears / Barber Scissors provide more safety and protect against nickels allergies. A thin layer of titanium is coated on scissors using automatic plants/machine which increases the life of scissors and increases it's durability and gives scissors an attractive look.